Time to Plant Potatoes / Seedling Massacre / Backyard Garden Tour

Time to Plant Potatoes / Seedling Massacre / Backyard Garden Tour

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It’s late February and finally, after a terrible week of weather (God bless Texas), we have seen the sun. We planted asparagus and strawberries this week, got some MORE dirt and are preparing MORE beds, planted potatoes, had a MAJOR oops, and give you an update on our lettuce and brassicas.

come up join with us!

Video Chapters
Nothing is more annoying to us when we watch YouTube than when people’s titles really have nothing to do with their videos.

But as we’ve been vlogging, we’ve realized, a lot of times you talk about 10 million things in one vlog and your title tin can only live so long. What do you do?

The solution for us, is to provide you video chapters where you tin can find what it is you are looking for and skip right to it.

Of class, we would love for you to watch our whole video but we know that sometimes you are looking for that specific thing and we want to help you get right to it. So here you go!

00:00 Intro
00:41 Weekly recap
01:23 Seedling murder – I am heartbroken
02:06 Preparing the beds
02:27 Foods we ate from our garden, radishes, parsnips, swiss chard, and kale
02:39 Drone Shot
02:49 Zac (the dog) and the drone
02:59 Strawberry crown planted yesterday, today – not in the ground
03:28 Compost pile turned before it’s ready (AKA Claire follows her intuition) & how to make bad soil improve soil (hint, it’s not a spanking)
04:51 Claire really likes her intuition
05:10 Brussel Sprouts
05:55 Swiss Chard, Cabbage and Kale update
06:07 Broccoli Update
06:37 We’ve almost eaten our whole lettuce bed
07:12 Different ways to plant and harvest lettuce
08:33 Potato Bed
08:49 What potatoes we are planting from Wood Prairie Family Farm in Maine
10:28 At this moment Claire realizes, she f***ed up
11:12 Preparing & planting the surprise potatoes
12:31 I’m a cabbage murderer, saving the survivors
13:13 Closing
13:34 Montage of when we had gigs and used to make music not grow food

Channel Trailer

Last Week’s Garden Tour

Channel Description
Last year, we got hit hard with corona virus. All of our gigs were cancelled and when we started hearing rumblings of food scarcity through my store in Atlanta (follow us on Insta @bennettsmarket, Bennett’s Market & Deli) we decided to divert our energy into growing food for a family of 4.

We failed.

But we learned a lot. And so much of what we learned was from watching YouTube videos. So we are doing it again this year, and we are filming it. So come up along for the ride – all things Ormewoods – posts twice a week – and ever a garden tour during the growing season.

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Thanks y’all!

We had just ordered some other round of merch to gear up for the 2020 season and without having shows, we’ve not been able to move it! If you would like to support us, you tin can purchase Ormewoods T-Shirts and Tanks, both the amazing Bella + Canvas soft cotton wool on our website https://www.theormewoods.com/ormewoods-goods.

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